Tuesday, December 20, 2005

By That Time, The Boat Should Have Departed

It behooves American policymakers to make sure that Finland will never be allowed to change their minds, given the institutionalized anti-American bigotry in Finland.

“Finns would be ready to seek Nato's help if the situation in Russia became threatening, indicates a poll conducted by Think If Laboratories and published in the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti (IL) on Tuesday.

According to the poll, 70 per cent of Finns would support joining Nato if Russia were to become a totalitarian state that behaved threateningly towards Finland.”

Keep Finland out of NATO. End the Partnership-For-Peace program. Why accept another alliance with another cowardly European state?

Great Moments in European Cowardice

As it is becoming increasingly obvious that Germans are ready to sell out their American "allies" every chance they get, it does serve the useful purpose of distancing the US from Europe even more so.

The extermination of the European welfare state can only be accomplished when the US abandons its protective stance towards them.

Great Moments in European Welfare-Statist Medicine

This kind of stuff not even a Hollywood screenwriter could dream of.

"Nyree Ellison Anjos alerted staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital when she saw the larvae wriggling near a feeding tube attached to her mother's nose.

Christine Ellison died two days later, but the family is satisfied the maggot incident had no bearing"