Sunday, October 10, 2004

Helsingin Sanomat carries a very strange headline today: "A More European Andy Warhol in Stockholm's Large Exhibition", by some ninny of a Finnish journalist by the name of Mari Manninen. Is this another example of Europeans trying to redefine American culture as their own? And if that is so, why is it that Europe is compelled to do so? Quite pathetic, IMHO. What's so amusing is that Andy Warhol couldn't have cared less about nationalistic labels. He really is not an American artist, as much as an international artist. Perhaps this is yet again an attempt by a European to claim that "internationalism" is only defined by Europe.

Of course, it is also a sign of how bigoted Finland has become: they can't possibly find value in American art without attempting to redefine it as European, after all.


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