Thursday, March 03, 2005

More good analysis from the Big Pharaoh, in Egypt. His is a refreshing voice to hear, coming as it is from a culture that is infused with biased media. In addition to that, he is a big-hearted man with a jolly good sense of humor!

Anyway, I want to tell you something interesting. Al Arabiyah channel ran a poll on its website asking Arab readers to choose between Bush and Kerry. Readers were also allowed to vote via email. The final number was something like 42% for Bush 58% for Kerry. I personally doubt this 42% that Bush got because it is too high! Anyway, the channel then classified the votes based upon countries and guess what was the ONLY Arab country that voted for Bush in a landslide? Iraq. 80% of Iraqi emails went for Bush.

This election taught me something: NEVER trust the media. I admit that I often considered this media talk a little bit too overreacting, I somehow believed that credible big media such as CNN and New York Times are basically fair and balanced. I was wrong. I stayed up late to watch the elections on CNN and right before the elections even started, their pundits started to talk about the "youth votes", "first timers", "turn outs", and then mentioned how all those factors are more favorable to Kerry. I started to believe that Bush will lose even before Indiana closed its polls. Then guess what??? The difference between Bush and Kerry in the popular vote turned out to be over 3 million!!!! "Youth votes", "first timers", "turn outs" BWAHAA HA HA HA HA HA!!

As soon as this 3 million number became clear, Larry King turned pale and said "what went wrong with the democratic party??" Wolf Blitzer jumped and told him "it's not over yet Larry". I was always skeptical of Fox News, now, I just want to yell: THANK GOD FOR FOX!!

I believe the American people made the right choice and I will immediately post my memo to President Bush when kerry finishes searching in his provincial ballots

His take on the recent kidnapping of the French journalist is insightful... and probably true.


Anonymous tocquev said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. What baffles me is that the likes of even Finland still in effect largely have socialist media - I feel like things were even better (ok - I am perhaps exaggerating a bit) in Amman, Jordan when I lived there a few years back. I did not 'see the light' until I moved to the States and now have been back and forth over the years - interacting with my family in Finland has led to the realization that it seems to take distance to see the massive problems of the welfare state - it really is intellectual slavery - the antithesis of freedom.

As to CNN/NYT/Helsingin San. etc. - boy - the spin is something to behold. Thank heavens for blogs, the internet, and alternative voices. You are doing a great job here at this blog highlighting some important issues!

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