Monday, April 11, 2005

A small statement from this blog entry about Bobbie Fischer simply jumped out at me.

"Iceland granted Fischer a passport in recognition of his 1972 triumph, and Japan let him go willingly enough. But Iceland has an extradition treaty with the United States, so he may not be free for long. And even if the State Department relents, it probably won't take Fischer much time to wear out his welcome in Iceland. He is greedy, uncouth, paranoid, anti-Semitic, anti-social and probably schizophrenic. He made obscene, jubilant anti-American radio broadcasts in the Philippines after 9/11, and has had the fillings removed from his teeth to prevent them from being used as mind-control receptors. Despite (or because of) his 180 IQ, he relies on sycophants to manage daily life, but inevitably denounces them in the end. It won't take him long to turn the boreal statelet into just another self-constructed prison."

Hell of a guy. But it probably won't take long for some European nutjob to claim that Bobbie Fischer was used by the US to try to discredit anti-American conspiracy theorists...

Here's one German Green who comes pretty close to that.


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