Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The moronic Aatos Erkko has apparently published a typically lame-brained thesis in the “Foreign Policy” journal of Finland. NewsRoom Finland has a summation.

Aatos Erkko, main owner of Finnish publisher Sanoma Oy, does not think a deepening transatlantic relationship would require membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato).

Just exactly why a deepening transatlantic relationship is necessary in the first place is not explained. Finland’s membership in NATO is not in the interests of the United States.

In an interview for the latest issue of the quarterly Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs (Ulkopolitiikka), Mr Erkko was quoted as saying that he was a firm believer in the European security system, not the US-led military one.

This is essentially the same “security system” that coulda woulda shoulda stopped the Yugoslavian holocaust, but didn’t.

Mr Erkko is known as a stern proponent of close transatlantic relations. In contrast to that reputation, in Ulkopolitiikka he dishes out strong critique of the United States, saying, for example, that the recent European tour of President George W Bush was a smokescreen.

Bush’s tour reached those it was designed to reach: the New Europeans, where his words were very welcome. The opinions Old Europe are basically irrelevant.

He added that the US could act as a global example, but instead chose to act in the manner of an autocrat.

Basically, what he really wants is for the US to set a European example. But that would be catastrophic to the entire world, as Europeans have been pretty incompetent not only in stopping wars (Yugoslavia), controlling their currency (run-up of the euro), and implementing political integration (the failed constitutional referendums), - just to name a few.

"The complex of a big country is shocking and it leaves us no choice but to behave well toward the US," he was quoted as saying by Ulkopolitiikka.

So that should not be too difficult for Finns, who’ve worn kneepads vis-à-vis the Soviets for four decades.

Mr Erkko also describes the Bush administration's foreign policy and worldview, guided by neo-conservatism, as dangerous. He told Ulkopolitiikka that the neo-conservatives were as dogmatic as Soviet Russia was in its day.

Neo-conservatists are dogmatic about freedom. I suppose Erkko finds fault with that.

He feels Finland is currently a very irrelevant country as far as the US is concerned. The question is, Mr Erkko adds, whether Finland is beneficial to the US or not. Finland is not, he answers.

Damn right. And Americans should keep Finland at a distance, because no good will come from associating with such a country.

Mr Erkko told the periodical that all kinds of foreign policy activity were now called for, in particular more active involvement in EU policy than at present.

Good luck with all of that, considering the EU’s latest debacle.

The senior publisher also lauds President Tarja Halonen.

"Our president approaches the matter seriously and has attempted to create a discussion forum with President Bush. And she has succeeded in that.”

Tarja Halonen was completely ignored by the Bush Administration when she last visited the US. To imply that she has succeeded in creating a ‘discussion forum’ is completely false.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are neocons really dogmatic? Aren't they being pragmatic about most issues, if not all?

3:42 AM  
Blogger Finnpundit said...

Quite right you are. Pragmatism is pretty much their hallmark. But if there was something dogmatic to them, it's in their concept that basic freedoms are the foundation of the success of the western world.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your site. I lived in Finland for almost four years and I am married to a Finn. We just came back from a two week trip to Finaldn and now that I am back, I wrote an entry on my blog. The entry is title:
"Finland – The Good, The Bad, and The Stupid"

All the best,
Fred Fry International

7:44 PM  
Blogger Finnpundit said...

That was a nice read. Thanks!

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Kari said...

love a critic and yes you are on the ball and keep up the good work as all of us have a right express our own views and that of others in a first world country, let no government or newspapers diminish this right no matter how hard they might try to suppress opinion. Watch out for selective publishing, it is and has existed for a long time, our forefathers who sowed the seeds of publishing and reporting of current issues as verbatim no longer exists, rather cross ownership of media by multinational companies dictates alot of what we are reading & seeing, call it selective censorship of the new millenium.
A Finn from the great southern land.
keeping in touch due to relative matters

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Alex said...

I think you lost any credibility in your debate by insulting such a great man as Aatos Erkko.
Calling a man who has done so much for Finland a moron generates only disgust from me.
Sanoma group is a fantastic representation of a solid media group which strives to cover the news in all angles.
Such lack of respect saddens most of the true achievers.

9:31 AM  

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